For Entrepreneurs
by Entrepreneurs

We are into the business of long-term relationships.

Come First

We foster growth. We empower minds.


They trusted us

We believed in them

What We Do

We focus on early stage European
Tech Businesses with ambitious founders
And unique approaches.

We work hard making our partners
Grow their business using our expertise
To provide custom tailor support,
Helping them realize their vision.

We foster ideas. We foster people.

About us

Some say that a start-up is about building value,
but we believe that it's really about creating values
that you can stand for and that people can
reflect upon and connect with.


Comprised of experienced professionals
From the Venture Capital industry,
Entrepreneurs and CEOs, this is our team.
We are Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.

Anindya Saha
Ricardo Coscollola
Jesús Alonso Gallo
Martin Hack
Evan Powell